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We coddle our kids nowadays rarely letting them out of our site. But Chavi Rosenzweig (born Chavi Rosensweig) the second daughter of a Rabbi and Rebbetzin and a "homebody",  left her home in a small city at 14 years of age to attend school in the big city, Toronto. She and her four siblings, 17 and under, shared an apartment together. Imagine! The first part of this interview deals with Chavi’s early years, her memories of the magical environment in her parents home, her love of Judaism and the independence she had to develop. And it’s good she did.

Later on in life Chavi met David Rosenzweig (Rosenzweig with a “z”) her husband to be. He was her soulmate. She was his. They had six children. One evening, following Shabbat David was called to help one of their children with a flat tire. Waiting for a tow-truck, an angry, erratic and dangerous man on a mission to buy drugs, killed David just like that. David was in the wrong place at the wrong time. At that very moment Chavi’s life changed “never to be the same”. Listen to this compelling part of the interview and be privy to what Chavi did to stay standing, to survive, to build a sound, beautiful life for she and her children. Hear her appreciation for so many people who were part of her village and helped ensure their joy today. 

Chavi Rosenzweig's story is inspiring and life-changing. Take some quiet time to learn and grow through this episode of Hat Radio! Its worth it.

Hat Radio! The show that schmoozes.

“The deeper the darkness the more you need to open your eyes to your blessings.”   - Chavi Rosenzweig


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Roz Gelade was eight years old when she and her family moved away from their place of birth, England, to Montreal. The wee little lass suffered terribly from separation anxiety and wanted so badly to be rescued and returned to that place where she felt safe. It was not to be. Later on in life, after a move to Toronto, her parents decided it would be wise to send Roz to secretarial school. She missed the first six weeks. Again, Roz like many, sought rescue to a life whereby she could embrace her passion whatever that might be. One day, driving up to Steve's Restaurant, Roz spotted a cat with her kittens. Instinctively, she sprung up. Roz fed them. Roz gave them shelter. Roz adopted them out. She rescued them. And so launched the genesis of this diminutive English girl's (turned highly impressive woman) career as a professional in the cat field. Soon enough Roz launched a non-profit using her own paradigm for rescue, care of cats and bringing joy to humankind. To this day she can regularly be found on the streets of Toronto ensuring the safety of Toronto's felines. While Roz's career-trajectory has not gone straight up she is on fire. Her has inspired many and her deep deep love of all God's creations has changed the lives of many. Finally Roz was rescued and the rescuer was herself. 


(Special thanks to David Nefesh for his original song, 'Hat Radio' and to Howard Pasternack, our technical guy. The two bring a lot to HAT RADIO!)

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Eli Rubenstein and I have been friends for forty years. Close friends. It is therefore from the vantage point of familiarity I was compelled to do this interview with him. I know his stories and I know how riveting and from his heart they are. I knew Eli would be open to challenging questions. 

So the fifth episode of HAT RADIO! is a recorded schmooze between Eli and I in his living room, for a couple of hours. What i was intent upon finding out was: how the transition was from being a right-wing Orthodox Jew to a humanistic Jew. He told me. He said it was freeing. He lamented, it was difficult because in many ways he has left the community he knew as a boy. But he was not afraid to show his secret side. His words were intimate.

I wanted to know from Eli what drew him to Holocaust Survivors so much so he became the spiritual leader at Congregation Habonim, a synagogue started by Survivors. His response was they were courage; they are brave; they are Jews who danced at the bar mitzvah of their grandchildren after going through the hell we call Auschwitz. 

And I asked my friend Eli about his close relationship with Native Canadians and his leadership within Israel's seeing-eye dog community and his passion for music and love of all peoples. And he answered mostly in stories, because Eli Rubenstein is a prolific storyteller.

Listen to episode 5. Then listen again, and perhaps another time. It is the type of interview  you will learn from, more and more as you go...about life, humility, love and a powerful drive of one person to bring joy and comfort to all people. And that is Eli. We are dear friends.

HAT RADIO!   A show that schmoozes. 





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Episode 4: Alexa Gilmour - The Real Deal

Over time I have become aware there are very gentle, loving souls in our world whose capacity to care and to help is huge, greater than most. They are the ones we can emulate, not necessarily match. They are our role models. 

My parents of blessed memory were like that.  

Alexa Gilmour, our guest for this episode is like that.

Alexa is the one who became a minister after a vision quest, in place of a successful acting career. She is the leader who successfully encouraged her church to hide a Roma family, Dad, Mom and 6-year old child, and give them sanctuary when other churches said no.  Alexa is the woman who adopted 3 children, siblings, with her husband as part of their life-long plan. 

Alexa is the real deal.  

Please listen and let us know what you think. Comment. Share the link There is much to learn from Alexa Gilmour about kindness and love. And you can only do that if you listen.   

HAT RADIO! A schmooze about life. 

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