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It's a big deal to be the executive director of the Jewish Family & Child Service (JF&CS) in Toronto. It is because JF&CS is the most important organization in the Jewish community, more important than the kashruth (kosher),  cemetery, or the fundraising office. JF&CS has thirty-three programs all of which are crucial toward assisting the most vulnerable in the Jewish community such as those who: suffer from poverty and require funds; have mental health issues; are mourning and feel alone or are going through a high conflict divorce, etc.  Now, what sort of person would run a place like that? No doubt, someone who is highly empathetic, has a Jewish soul, is warm, incredibly bright, disciplined, organized, creative, preferably funny, and well respected. That person is my guest on episode 53, and his name is Brian Prousky. Brian is such a compelling guest as he has all of the above character traits and is colorful, animated and high-spirited, with years of experience in the field and as the boss, and gripping stories to tell. Have a listen. Get insight into Brian as a son, father, husband and lover of Dylan. Hear about a man's great empathy for those in need, and wisdom to impart to his staff, many of whom are on the front line of life and working for a place whose mandate is to 'love thy neighbor' - not a simple one. HatRadio! The show that schmoozes.  ____________________________________________________________________

A special thank to Howard Pasternack, David Nefesh and Stephanie who helped me with various aspects of the show and helped make it pretty good, in my estimation. 

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Episode 52 of HatRadio! is with David Matlow, the world's biggest collector of Theodore Herzl memorabilia. Herzl is considered the father of Zionism and the visionary for the State of Israel. The idea that someone is the 'biggest' or 'the best' in pretty much anything, has always blown me away. I've had the honor of interviewing Clive Caldwell who was once seeded #1 in the world, in squash doubles/#2 in singles. Recently, I schmoozed with David Shore, the creator/writer of the shows 'House' and 'The Good Doctor'. They are brilliant and at the top of their game. In essence, these guys have stood a the top of the mountain (although they won't say they have. They are humble) and know they can mostly look no higher. David Matlow is like that. You'll hear it in his voice and how he articulates  his narrative and his emulation of Theodore Herzl (David will frequently ask himself, 'what would Theodore do'). David tells a highly compelling story about securing his collection, sharing it, and anti-Semitism then and now. But mostly what you'll learn from episode 52, is how one man's appreciation, gratitude and respect in 2020 of another man from 1900, highlights an important continuum of hope and the pursuit and actualization of a dream, in our world. It's a wonderful interview. HatRadio! The show that schmoozes.   

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Episode 51 of Hatradio! is with Adi Berkovits, a son honoring his father, Eduard, through the creation and eventual performance of an original musical - THE JOURNEY HOME. Adi, a musician and songwriter (and the brother of Lou Berkovits, my first guest on HatRadio!) tells us about the deeply inspiring story of his sixteen year old father's trek, with his thirteen year old brother, to find their home in Romania following their liberation from a concentration camp. The musical - a first of its kind - will be performed at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts on March 25th and will include a nine-piece orchestra and three singers. The backdrop will be parts of a Shoah Foundation interview with Eduard.  The beauty of episode 51 is that we are privy to Adi's unabashed openness about his own life and the bravery he inherited from Eduard. Adi's tells us about his enormous struggle dealing with a terrible stutter. We hear a private moment in his life, a time when he was too scared to order a medium coffee in a cafe, because he could not get out words that began with 'm'. Over time, Adi knew he had to fix his problem. And he did. One day he 'marched up' to the cashier and proudly ordered a MEDIUM COFFEE. This episode is about a son, a Survivor, courage, creativity, growth and love. Have a listen. You'll grow through it because you'll see yourself in Aid's life.  HatRadio! The show that schmoozes. 


A special thanks to David Nefesh for the HatRadio! song; Howard Pasternack for his post production work and Stephanie Kazdan, for the HatRadio! poster. I'm grateful. 

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