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Mae West's voice was epic. Raspy epic. Bob Dylan's voice couldn't be mistaken. Listening to Bob sing is like curling up in his nostril and absorbing his breathes. Then there's Jeff Woods, the kid from Oshawa, one of the most talented Rock & Roll historian, authors, broadcaster and podcasters in the world today with a silky smooth voice - one that swaddles a legendary music narrative heard for the last three decades by rock & rollers everywhere. And I got to interview Jeff on HatRadio! - the man who interviewed David Bowie, R.E.M., Pearl Jam, The Eagles, RUSH, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Ozzy, Santana, Metallica, The Doors, AC/DC, Paul Rodgers, B.T.O., Burton Cummings, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Ringo Starr, Neil Young, George Thorogood, The Band, Steve Earle, Jethro Tull and the Rolling Stone. That's an honor. Jeff is huge. They don't get much bigger in that world. And as big as Jeff Woods is in rock & roll, is as decent, humble and kind as he is up in Collingwood where he lives with his girlfriend whom he adores; as he was in my dining-room commenting graciously, benevolently about my art, my interviewing style, my world; as he is helping newcomers to the very potholed road of today's rock. And that's the key word in episode 56. Kind. Kind enough to answer all my questions thoughtfully, over 1.5 hours, always looking engaged, always being supportive. That's kind. That's Jeff Woods.

HatRadio! Just a Jewish guy trying like hell, with his friends, to figure out what's going on in life.     Thanks so much to Howard Pasternack for his grand post-production work and David Nefesh for the HatRadio! song. You rock Dave.

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Dr. Gordon Arbess is my guest on Episode 55 of HatRadio! Gordy is a family doctor with a focus on HIV/AIDs. He is a highly compassionate award-winning doc who talks in length about the struggles of many of his AIDS patients, in particular those who are older now, several whom who live on/near the street. Gordy explains his empathy for them and addresses my question of where God might fit into his medical work. Our schmooze is fascinating! In the second half, Gord shares stories about his past participation in humanitarian work in Zimbabwe, through Ve'ahavta, on a life-saving HIV/AIDS mother-to-child regiment which was picked up the World Health Association. Dr. Gord discusses openly his son's courage dealing with a severe stutter he's had since he was six. Gord Arbess breathes compassion. It's evident through how he lives his life and the way he and his wife, Sharon, raise their children. It is clear from how Gordy acts on a regular day when the poor and needy come his way. THE HATRADIO! CHALLENGE? Listen to the show and commit to a compassionate action to help someone in need. HatRadio! Just a show about a Jewish guy trying to figure out with friends, what the hell is going on in life.

Thank you so much to Howard Pasternack for his wonderful work on post-production of HatRadio! I'm grateful for what Howard does to make this show so much better, every week. Thank you too, to my dear friend, David Nefesh for composing and recording the HatRadio! song, that we've played since the inception of the show. I just love the HatRadio! song. I have dear friends. 



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We all try so incredibly hard to construct a meaningful life with love, health and happiness. Robyn Tousson-Segal, my guest on HatRadio!, episode 54, personifies that pursuit in a highly successful way. This articulate and compassionate woman, with a soothing voice, is married to a spirited man. They have grappled with their different approaches to a religious lifestyle, but ultimately made it work in a powerful way. The couple shares three beautiful children, who are insightful and empathetic. Robyn is a well-respected yoga teacher with a waiting list. Her classes are thematic, based on love, caring and empathy. She has worked at Ve'ahavta, a Jewish humanitarian organization, for the last 16 years helping the homeless and the impoverished. Mostly, Robyn is full of gratitude for her blessings. A lot of gratitude! That is really what this show is all about - gratitude coming from a very special soul! Have a listen. HatRadio! A show just about a Jewish guy trying like hell, to figure out through others, the human experience. 


Special thanks to Howard Pasternack for post-production. Howard makes the show great from a sound perspective. Thank you too, to my dear friend, David Nefesh, for the HatRadio! song. David is an extraordinary singer/songwriter and has honored me with this song. 

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