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Episode 10: Bernie Farber - Open a Mouth

Bernie Farber is a well known human rights activist, a writer and Jewish leader. He has courageously challenged white supremacists and worked along side Native Canadians through his partnership with philanthropist, Michael Dan. Bernie's motivation to: chair Ve'ahavta: The Canadian Jewish Humanitarian & Relief Committee, teach local police ways and means of dealing with hate crimes, work at Canadian Jewish Congress from 1984-2011, and ultimately become its CEO, and so much more, stems from a lessons in life he was taught by his father Max RIP, a Holocaust survivor and only remaining Jew from his village. His Dad, who owned a food store minutes away from Parliament in Ottawa, told Bernie, if he wanted to change things in this world, fix it, he'd have to "open a mouth". Open a mouth Bernie did.

His opinions and thoughts about fighting anti-Semitism can be read in articles he's penned for The New York Times, Toronto Star, Huffington Post, NOW Magazine, Canadian Jewish News and many more publications. He has acted as an expert witness in cases against Holocaust deniers and led the Paloma Foundation, an organization that worked with youth and homeless shelters and ran for the Liberal party in 2011 . Bernie's accomplishments go on and on. 

Listen to episode 10 of Hatradio! and learn about Bernie's awesome recipe for chicken. Hear about his friendship and work with Larry Tenenbaum and former Canadian prime minister, Paul Martin. Hear Bernie sing a song about peace originally sung by Joan Baez. Discover the hit-list Bernie was on and how he was ultimately saved by a CSIS mole. And be privy to his feelings about his beautiful wife, kids and family, some of whom perished in the Holocaust. "Open a Mouth" is one of those podcasts you don't want to miss. It's about one of Canada's leading Jewish leaders who just never keeps quiet. 

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