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Welcome to the 50th episode of HatRadio! with special guest, David Shore, the creator/writer of the shows: House and The Good Doctor. We start things off with a 26-minute monologue reviewing highlights of HatRadio!'s first year, as well as some encouragement about strengthening our world, and fighting Antisemitism and racism, through positive and complimentary actions with other individuals. The interview with David Shore is truly fascinating. It is because, David, the greatest TV writer in the world today, speaks in philosophical and meaningful terms about his life and career. He states clearly about writing scripts, "it seems pointless to just entertain" and adds, "I do like to exploring ethical question." His scripts have purpose. He thinks a lot about morality and shares hard questions with the viewerHave a listen to this highly successful man from London, Ontario. He's very thankful for his success and gifts in life, and it's clear from our schmooze, like many great men, he simply does not see himself as such - true humility. HatRadio! The show that schmoozes. HAPPY NEW YEAR. PEACE IN OUR WORLD.  (This show is in memory of Sarah Halimi, a French Jewish woman murdered by a man who won't stand trial because of his marijuana intake. Fight this).


Thanks to Howard Pasternack for editing the show and David Nefesh for writing and performing the HatRadio! song. Thanks too, to Stephanie Kazdan for designing the new HatRadio! Poster. Great comments. Please support Stephanie by purchasing her articles as or through Facebook@dishswear .

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"Slow Burn" by Kevin MacLeod (
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