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Welcome to Corona Radio 7 with our very special guest, Ellen Schwartz. Ellen is a special soul, who together with her husband and children, raised a son, Jacob, who had Canavan Disease, a progressive neurodegenerative disease. The doctors said Jacob would live until around five. He passed away last January at 21 years old. What motivated Jacob's powerful life force? Love, then more love, and more and more. In this Corona virus time, when inspiration and hope are crucial have a listen to my schmooze with Ellen. Here are some of her quotes: "When we stopped trying to fix Jacob, he started fixing us."  "When your heart is broken, it forces you to open up and see all the love around you." "He (Jacob) was pure goodness...everything good in the world was inside of him." Corona Radio is a subsidiary of HatRadio!, which will be back. We'll be okay folks. We're humankind


Special thanks to the Alberga Family and the Gryfe Family for their generous and loving sponsorship of Corona Radio.   Accolades too, to Howard Pasternak for his caring post-production work. 

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