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I decided to change my format when the Carona virus began visiting us. I figured its wiser  to go to 1/2 hour and hopefully bring a succinct calming voice to HatRadio! listeners. I therefore launched Carona Radio highliting acts of kindness.  I'm bringing on guests who are empathetic in nature, positive, and hopeful, one of whom is Kim Smiley. Kim is called the Queen of Empathy. She has intertwined empathy with fashion and shared the outcome with us on Corona Radio. Kim says life is short, fleeting, and now is the time for us to seize the day and get out of our heads, above technology, and reach out to those in need. "Put the spotlight on others", she says. Have a listen...very inspiring...very compelling. Stay safe. Stay healthy. This too will pass. It will because we are humankind! Please subscribe at      

Thank you to the Alberga Family, and the Gryfe Family for sponsoring Carona Radio. I'm grateful for their understanding of the importance of our message. Hugs. 


Post-Production credit: Thank you Howard Pasternack for your wonderful work on the show. 

Music credits:

Backed Vibes by Kevin MacLeod

Intractable by Kevin MacLeod

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