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Mark Diamond, my guest on episode 57 of HatRadio!, owns a camp. Imagine! The guy owns a camp. Who wouldn't want that? And not only does he own a camp (actually co-owns it), it is truly one of the most loving, caring, empathetic camps out there. The camp is called Camp Manitou, it's pretty high-end place in Muskoka, Ontario, but the salient point of this interview is that Mark, together with his partner, Jeff, have taken their passion for 'repairing the world' and made it a key component of the camp experience. So, campers will participate in arts, sports and outdoor camp stuff, and they will participate in twenty compassionate and humanitarian outreach initiatives during the summer and throughout the year. Camp Manitou rocks. I know. I've visited it. Mark Diamond rocks, I know because I've worked with him for years and watched him share his gift of love and nurturing our world. Have a listen. Mark truly is a wonderful human being. HatRadio! Just a Jewish guy trying to figure out with friends, what the hell is going on. (P.s. At the start, there's an 8 minute piece about my third heart-attack.)


Well done to Howard Pasternack for post production, and to David Nefesh for the HatRadio! song.

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