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Welcome to Episode 49 of HatRadio! with our special guest, Rabbi Benjamin Hecht of Benjy is a brilliant Torah scholar, and my brother-in-law. He has helped me and thousands of others with our existential struggles. In a world of 'I'm right, you're wrong and therefore you'll go to hell', Rabbi Hecht's appreciation of a wide spectrum of possibilities - e'lu ve'elu - within a halachic framework’ allowed me and so many others to spiritually breathe.  In short, Rabbi Hecht helps thinkers find a home. He believes, “God wants us to think, to grow". Please learn from his personal struggles including that of being a Holocaust Survivor's child, and his evolution from "going with the masses" to finding his own voice. If you're annoyed by fundamentalism, and those who make fun of thinking, have a listen. Rabbi Hecht's is a thinking spiritual rock-star!  HatRadio! The show that schmoozes


Thank you Gary Samuel and Mark Gryfe of Gryfe Philanthropic Services for their sponsorship of HatRadio!.  Thank you too, David Nefesh, for the HatRadio! song. Hear David's music at:  Well done to Howard Pasternack on the editing of Episode 49. Howard and Rabbi Hecht are old friends. His work on this show was therefore motivated and directed by his great respect for the Rabbi. Well done to Stephanie Kazdan for designing the new HatRadio! Poster. Great comments. Please support Stephanie by purchasing her articles as or through Facebook@dishswear .

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