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In this episode of Corona Radio, Ron Maclean of Hockey Night in Canada talks prosaically and philosophically about the struggles of living through this Corona Virus era. He grapples with how to work through our personal challenges vs. communal challenges. He alludes to Don Cherry, his lost friendship, and NHL superstars, in responding to questions about the ethical framework of life. Here his thoughts on greatness, more specifically Wayne Gretzky.  Ron embraces life. He loves a lot, everyone. He is extraordinarily well read and in wonderment of life. Have a listen to this fascinating fellow and this unique show on Corona Radio, brought to you by HatRadio! Just a Jewish guy trying, with friends, to figure out, what the hell is going on. Stay healthy. God bless!


Thanks so much to Howard Pasternack for his work on editing this show. Hugs Howard.

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Backed Vibes by Kevin MacLeod

Intractable by Kevin MacLeod

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