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Roz Gelade was eight years old when she and her family moved away from their place of birth, England, to Montreal. The wee little lass suffered terribly from separation anxiety and wanted so badly to be rescued and returned to that place where she felt safe. It was not to be. Later on in life, after a move to Toronto, her parents decided it would be wise to send Roz to secretarial school. She missed the first six weeks. Again, Roz like many, sought rescue to a life whereby she could embrace her passion whatever that might be. One day, driving up to Steve's Restaurant, Roz spotted a cat with her kittens. Instinctively, she sprung up. Roz fed them. Roz gave them shelter. Roz adopted them out. She rescued them. And so launched the genesis of this diminutive English girl's (turned highly impressive woman) career as a professional in the cat field. Soon enough Roz launched a non-profit using her own paradigm for rescue, care of cats and bringing joy to humankind. To this day she can regularly be found on the streets of Toronto ensuring the safety of Toronto's felines. While Roz's career-trajectory has not gone straight up she is on fire. Her has inspired many and her deep deep love of all God's creations has changed the lives of many. Finally Roz was rescued and the rescuer was herself. 


(Special thanks to David Nefesh for his original song, 'Hat Radio' and to Howard Pasternack, our technical guy. The two bring a lot to HAT RADIO!)

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