I've never met another woman like Lynda Kraar. We've been friends for many years, albeit with some hiatuses along the road (similar to that of many good friends), but when we have a reunion of sorts, little has changed. The moment she and I connect, my dear Lynda, 59,  mother of two, lets me know with the warmth of a mother bear, how much she loves me, missed me and begins to make plans for us as we move forward, again.

I first met Lynda at United Jewish Appeal. She and I raised some shit there including writing a regular newsletter. One edition was titled, 'the morale in this place stinks'. Nobody said a word about it. I fell for her right away because she had that certain bravado that one only sees in people who are struggling to make good, of which she was, being a second generation Holocaust Survivor. 

As you'll hear in the eleventh episode of Hatradio! Lynda's parents didn't speak to one another. They were 'bro'gis' as we say in Yiddish (really deeply pissed at one another), and little Lynda, at four or five years old would yell at them to stop fighting. But they didn't and she learned how to live with that. Mostly, this only child, developed a way to move forward in life including picking up the guitar at eight years old and learning how to play it despite the fact her little fingers could not reach around the neck.

Today, Lynda performs around New Jersey, here in Toronto and wherever the wind will take her. And she is kick-ass on the axe, owns a dozen of them, and she sings heartfelt songs of her own composition that makes you wonder about who you love and how much. And she plays the oud and has attended oud camp. Listen to what she has to say about the renaissance of music. The woman is well versed in music, most aspects of it.

My dear Lynda has been married three times and loved em' all. Her final marriage, so far, was to Jewish community worker rock-star, Marty Kraar, who passed away at 69, when Lyn was 51. They were soulmates. Nuts about each other. He whipped her into shape and showed her how to love well because, in her own words, "I was terrible at being a wife".  Listen to Lynda talk about mourning for Marty. 

Lynda has raised millions of dollars. She surrounds herself with friends and frequently will let you know about new and old ones. I love the way she states their names as if I know them. Lynda Kraar, is a refreshing and unique human being. I've never met anyone like her and likely never will. She is a masterpiece of a woman. Enjoy her. I have.

Hatradio! The show that schmoozes. 

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