Clive Caldwell was born 67 years ago to good British folk. He was lousy at school and in fact failed grade 10. But his Dad, Brian,who is now 97, recognized his son's special nature and the old man set about teaching his strappingly handsome son the game of squash.

Soon enough Clive started to fly, dominate the game and over time arrive at a place only champions get to - seeded number 2 in the world and an international doubles champion! The perils of Grade 10 seemed pretty far away and like many of us do, Clive showed school doesn't necessarily illicit the brilliance inside of us. That can come from a place far far away from a classroom, sometimes a squash court.  

Time galloped onward and Clive married Marianne. They had three children, two of whom are physically challenged. But as always, Clive 'kept his head up' and he and his wife raised those kids with gumption and purpose. Slowly but surely, the squash champ turned instructor, began owning pieces of sports clubs in downtown Toronto, well placed ones with incredible potential. The clubs grew and became the hottest work out spots in the downtown area attracting people such as the late philanthropist, Ken Thomson and internationally renowned singer/songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot.

Unfortunately, Marianne got sick. Cancer. Clive took care of her. He took care of his kids. Marianne passed away, RIP. Today, Clive is married to the lovely, Lorna. It's always special when two people share their lives happily and with blessings. 

Clive continued to grow personally and professionally. He began to give back to the community he appreciated so much through the launch of Urban Squash, a non-profit that "combines an intensive after-school, 7 days-a-week, yearlong education program with concentrated athletics (principally squash)...with youth in the Jane-Finch." The goal of Urban Squash is to give young people at risk the chance to maximize their "academic, athletic and personal potential". The students involved in the program begin in Grade 6 and continue right until the end of high-school. I’m 2013, Clive raised money for Urban Squash by walking the Camino de Santiago, a 820- kilometers pilgrimage across Spain. He then walked another 100 kilometer to the ocean.  Upon the completion of his trek Clive stated, “it was one of the most emotional days of my life.”

Clive Caldwell is an inspirational fellow. Listen to this interview on Hatradio! and learn from the man. Learn how to be positive in light of enormous challenges. Learn how to maximize life and its gifts and how to grow every single day. Clive can teach you that. And it's well worth learning from  him. Hatradio! The show that schmoozes. 

(Special thanks to David Nefesh for Hatradio! music and Howard Pasternack for post-production and voice-over.) 

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