Episode 2 of HAT RADIO is an interview with KAREN GOLDENBERG, a most loving and passion  human being. The title of the show is POSITIVITY DEFINED. I have chosen this title because, as you will learn, Karen is a person who has gone through great trials in her life including the suicide of her first husband and the early death of her sisters, and despite all of this she is cheerful, buoyant and industrious person. Listen to episode 2 and discover the compassionate parents Karen was blessed to have, two accountants who were committed to helping others through an open-door policy and giving of their own resources. Discover Karen's romances, first with a very intelligent doctor (she likes smart men), and later to Sid, a student of the Talmud who ended up adopting Karen's two children. Listen to Karen discuss her career as an occupational therapist and then the founder and director of a number of different non-profit organizations. Her insight into mental illness is profound but mostly her love for humankind jumps out of the computer. You can feel it! Therein is the reason this interview is called POSITIVITY DEFINED. Learn from her. Please feel free to comment and share the link. 

HAT RADIO, a schmooze-fest with some very loving, kind and special people.    

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