Welcome to Episode 45 with the inimitable Jaymz Bee. Man, this is one of those over-the-top shows with a guest who has a potful of energy, and stories galore to tell -- hence the 2 hours and 22-minute time. We just couldn't stop talking. Jaymz had to end the show with a poem he wrote reflecting his thoughts and those of many men, called, 'I Love My Almost Girlfriend' (2:19:06). 

Jaymz Bee, 56, is an entertainer, a bandleader, writer, radio host on Jazz FM, tour guide,  lover of life...and he is kind. He arrived at the interview two-hours early. I wasn't frantic as I used to get, but my notes weren't ready nor was the equipment. We got it up and going never-the-less. The talk between us ended up evolving into a real hometown schmooze, just two guys hanging out. His earliness was perfect. The show really sizzled. I loved it. 

So lay back on your Lazy-Girl/Boy, spark up a dube and let Jaymz's world seep into your consciousness. Listen to this colorful man's experience with Dr. Seuss; Tony Bennett (who calls Jaymz, 'Mr. Toronto'), the Rolling Stones (Mick welcomed Jaymz by name to impress the beautiful woman he [Jaymz] was with); Don Francks, the great Canadian actor, who was like a brother to Jaymz; Paul McCartney ('are you still vegetarian, Paul'?); Barry Manilow, Al Waxman and the Canadian cross-generational icon Mr. Dressup, Ernie Coombs. 

An inevitable question to ask a type-A pogo-stick sort of fellow like Jaymz is, 'so what were your parents like'? Jaymz responded that they were zany, quirky, crazy, funny and handsome ("Mom looked like Susan St. James; Dad looked like Rock Hudson"). They loved each other deeply, as heard through Jaymz's 'colostomy bag story' (42:47).  His Mom played practical jokes on the kids; scarred the crap out of James jumping out of the closet upon his arrival home. Her funeral was a party. Everyone got loaded and told hilarious stories including Mom's favorite comics: Jef Farquharson (couldn't remember Mom's name), and Pam Hyatt. Life was different in young Jaymz growing up year, different than most of our childhoods (would you have preferred his?). 

And his parents were kind, and this is what Jaymz aspired to be: a decent human being who could help young musicians and others as often as possible. And that's exactly who he became, despite the fact he was bullied terribly as a kid. Damn, I hate that.

Episode 45 is sprinkled with compassion and sharing. Jaymz talks about personally underwriting a record for a newcomer to Canada from Poland, the brilliant, "other world", Adam Makowicz (1:14:30).  Jaymz tells us how blessed he feels, to have been shown kindness early on by his parents, and to have siblings who are similarly kind. And he says, "I'm living on borrowed time". I'll leave that for you to figure out.

What I love about this interview is that Jaymz is a unique fellow who shares many sides of himself freely, and openly. He is a very inspiring and peculiarly human. Episode 45 is a reflection of a man who despite seeing the world as being absurd (or perhaps because of), is happy, willing to let us know who he is, including his drive to live life with gusto with lots and lots of woman friends, Hollywood stars and regular folk including guys like me.  Enjoy the show with Jaymz Bee! 

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